Garfield Park

Located southwest of Humboldt Park on Chicago’s West Side, the East and West Garfield Park community areas offer affordability and history away from tourist corridors.


    • Garfield Park: The core neighborhood surrounding the park.


    • East Garfield Park:  Undergoing a modern renaissance, East Garfield Park contains a mix of historic greystones, brick rowhouses, and contemporary residences. It's a vibrant urban landscape pulsating with renewed energy.


    • Fifth City: Nestled within East Garfield Park, the sixteen-block area of Chicago known as 5th City started as a community development project launched in the 1960s that set out to reconceive what and how communities could be organized and quickly gained global recognition and fame. Known for its community development initiatives, this neighborhood is a testament to the power of collaboration and positive change.


    • West Garfield Park: West Garfield Park is marked by its historic roots and a strong sense of community. The architecture reflects the area's history, with classic Chicago two-flats and beautiful historic homes. Much of the available real estate includes attached homes that can often be purchased at a reasonable price. The neighborhood is undergoing positive changes, with residents actively engaged in shaping its positive transformation.


One of the largest greenhouse conservatories in the U.S., the Garfield Park Conservatory provides significant horticultural collections, educational programs, and community outreach efforts (the space also hosts beer tastings, yoga, coffee pop-ups, talks, and flower shows throughout the year). Garfield Park contains the Gold Dome field house, as well as recreational and sports facilities. Housing in both East and West Garfield Park is statistically less expensive than in many other areas of Chicago, and the community areas boast multiple accessible transportation options, high-quality housing stock, and strong neighborhood educational and community institutions.


Places of interest: Gold Dome field house, Garfield Park Conservatory, Garfield Park Community Plaza and roller rink (currently closed for renovations, but The Garfield Park Skate Meetup happens monthly at the park’s gymnasium, 100 N. Central Park Ave until renovations are done), Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica, Al's Under the L, Original Maxwell Street, Inspiration Kitchens, Jerk Taco Man, Shrimp Stop, Wiley's Chicken & Ribs, 345 Art Gallery, Garfield Park Neighborhood Market, Lakeside Bar, MP Mall, Breakthrough FamilyPlex, Devening Projects, Life Restaurant, Duwell's Fish, Raymond's Tacos, Sharks Fish & Chicken, Boom Fried Rice, KS'Sandwiches, Special O'Cajun.

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