Move on up to Andersonville: One of the Coolest Neighborhoods in the World!

Move on up to Andersonville: One of the Coolest Neighborhoods in the World!


If you thought a neighborhood couldn’t be both an inclusive, family-friendly community hub and a hip, big city destination, Andersonville is here to prove otherwise! Nestled within the vibrant Uptown and Edgewater community areas on Chicago's far north side, Andersonville is a neighborhood that seamlessly blends its rich history with contemporary diversity. In 2021 it was voted the second-coolest neighborhood in the world and the coolest neighborhood in the U.S. in a Time Out survey, and has been named the “shop local capital of Chicago” for its huge number of independent and local businesses.

Andersonville proudly wears its Swedish heritage on its sleeve. Once the epicenter of Chicago's Swedish population in the early 19th century, the neighborhood preserves this legacy through iconic landmarks like the water tower adorned with the Swedish flag, which serves as a welcoming entry point to the bustling Clark Street corridor. The neighborhood is now home to many diverse cultural backgrounds and businesses, so in addition to Nordic food and culture, you can also find some of the best shawarma in the city at Taste of Lebanon, have a fabulous Korean Sojutini at Jin Ju, or try the Turkish pide at Konak, among many other options!

In recent years, Andersonville has emerged as a prominent LGBTQIA+ hub in Chicago. The neighborhood radiates a palpable sense of acceptance and inclusivity, evident in the rainbow flags that decorate many of its homes and businesses. As you explore, you'll find a myriad of LGBTQIA+ friendly establishments, making Andersonville a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

A stroll through Andersonville unveils a vibrant tapestry of locally-owned shops, restaurants, and bars. These contribute to the neighborhood's unique character, showcasing a commitment to community and individuality. From quaint cafes to eclectic boutiques, Andersonville's diverse business scene ensures there's always something new to discover. A highlight on Andersonville's event calendar is the annual Midsommarfest. Initially a celebration of its Swedish roots, the festival has transformed into a massive LGBTQIA+ street party. Attendees can expect a colorful array of performances, lively entertainment, and, of course, a joyful homage to Abba. Other standout community events throughout the year include the Taste of Andersonville and the Viking Pub Crawl. 

Beyond its cultural and social attractions, Andersonville offers an array of housing options, reflecting the neighborhood's diverse population. From well-preserved vintage 2-3 flats radiating old-world charm to historic single-family homes with captivating stories, the architecture tells a tale of Andersonville's evolution. Modern living enthusiasts will also find chic new-construction condos seamlessly integrated into the fabric of this dynamic neighborhood.

Andersonville is more than just a neighborhood; it's a community that embraces its past while celebrating the diversity that defines its present. Whether you're immersing yourself in the history along Clark Street, experiencing the energy of Midsommarfest, or relishing the eclectic local scene at one of the many independent shops and eateries, Andersonville invites you to become part of its inclusive tapestry. Come and explore a neighborhood that honors its roots and warmly welcomes all who choose to call it home- you might even make a new friend or 2 while you’re out and about!

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